“At the heart of our products”


Kilometro Italiano combines craftsmanship and attention to detail to make quality, unique handmade steel bike frames.
We would like to contribute to bring forth the heritage of bike frame manufacturing which has faded over the years, and share our passion, not only with the experts of the field, but also with the novices and the curious who decide to approach this world for the very first time.
This is the reason why we have created an exclusive product: totally customizable and technically unexceptionable.

“To actualize the perfect machine, you need the best components”


“How they are made”

We produce 25CrMo4 steel, braze joined and micro fused lugs bicycle frames. These technical and stylistic choices allow us to obtain a retro look product by vanguard characteristics.

The main tubes, obtained by drawing, have a different thickness over the entire length; in the central part we managed to use only half a millimeter of material for an optimized strength-to-weight ratio.

The lugs, as the name itself suggests, unite all the tubes that make up the frame, and by choice, our models are micro fused, apart from merely aesthetic purposes, they allow the frames to be less stressed in the tack weld.

Handmade steel bike frames

La vita è come una bicicletta con dieci velocità. La maggior parte di noi ha marce che non userà mai.

Charles Schulz

Ogni volta che vedo un adulto in bicicletta penso che per la razza umana ci sia ancora speranza.

Herbert George Wells

La vita è come andare in bicicletta. Per mantenere l’equilibrio devi muoverti.

Albert Einstein

La bicicletta somiglia, più che ad ogni altra macchina, all’aeroplano: essa riduce al minimo il contatto con la terra, e soltanto la sua umiltà le impedisce di volare.

Mauro Parrini


Nicolo’ Koschatzky

Born in Milan, I have always been passionate for everything that had something mechanical about it- as a child I used to prefer pulling cars apart rather than playing with them.
My passions changed, as I did, growing up- bicycles, scooters, and finally motorcycles, yes motorcycles, definitely one of my biggest passions which went hand in hand with my job over the last years…
I oversaw the making of motorcycle prototypes and their setup; I learned narrowly-specialized techniques and how to use cutting edge software tools for 3D design and CNC Machines, but also more traditional methods, which made me fall in love with the “handmade the way it was done once upon a time…”
My passion for bicycles reappeared a few years ago after I had restored an old bicycle from the 50’s- fixing and polishing an object that seemed irrecoverable made me feel closer to this world I hadn’t frequented for some time.
The amount of projects I worked on kept growing and became always more stimulating making me build my very first bicycle from scratch.
Moving to Madrid has given me further motivation to make of this newfound passion my new job.


Well…,the name Kilometro Italiano recalls my already mature dog who arrived a few years back, and has since, become my second shadow- he’s always with me and on any means of transportation as long as he can sit in front!

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