Bike frame jig

To come in against a growing demand for this type of equipment, we decided to create a bike frame jig, that meet the needs of those manufacturers / enthusiasts looking for a versatile, robust an affordable machine

Suitable for a different type of welding: filletbrazing, lugs, TIG (with purging on ST, HT and BB) and oc course also for a carbon frame.



• Head tube angle 60° – 85°
• Headtube height 190mm – 550mm
• Headtube length 40mm – 245mm
• Head tube dimater 1″ – 1-1/2″
• Seat tube angle 61° – 90°
• Seat tube length 10mm – 670mm
• Bottom bracket drop -110mm – +110mm
• Bottom bracket width 68mm – 100mm
• Chainstay length 147mm – 522mm

Our Jig is built specifically for each customer, which allows us to customize it to your needs, the waiting time is approximately three weeks after payment

Some features:

Hightly versatile, allows you to create frames from 10″ to larger 29er
Fast and intuitive set-up compatible with free software such as rattleCAD or BikeCAD Web
Strong CNC machined aluminum construction , with steel centering rails
Its modular design allows you to upgrade or change according to yours needs
Predisposition for TIG welding, with argon purging in.
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